Links in Trees Linked with Human Health

The blog of “Trees Linked with Human Health” tell us the importance of the trees. In the research, people experienced more deaths from heart disease and respiratory disease when they lived in areas where trees had disappeared. So, the blog suggests that we need protect the trees and create a healthy living environment. The blog’s topic is the health, and this issue that let huge people attention. In this blog, there are some links, and I think most of them all very useful for the purpose of the blog. In the end of the first paragraph, there is a link links to an academic article. The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph, and the author introduces the relationship of the trees and human health. The author links an academic article, and it can increase validity of the blog. Some people after read the academic article, they will believe the blog, and this link is effective for the purpose of the blog. And in the third paragraph, the author links another blog which has the same topic. The readers can compare two blogs, and this link also can increase the reliability of the blog. At the last several paragraph, the author links the other blog about how nature make people feel more alive, this blog can help people pay attention on the health and make them realize that protecting the nature is very important, this is effective for the purpose of the blog. Meanwhile, at the end of the paragraphs, the author uses the two short paragraphs to introduce another article which topic is about the nature. These two paragraphs are the extended reading, and the author sets the link, in order to make people know more information about the nature and the human health. This link is effective for the purpose. Above all, the most of the links are effective for the purpose of the blog.