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Propaganda Devices

I think that the propaganda devices were used in the website and the blogs. And some website administrators and the bloggers use lots of the propaganda devices, in order to attract the visitor to visit the website or achieve their purpose. For those propaganda devices, some of them are good, but some of them are also bad. Some websites want to propagandize their products and the contents of the websites, so they use some propaganda devices, like quoting some sentence from the famous persons in order to make the audience to believe the products and contents of the websites, and setting some pictures to make the audience associate. These methods can help the websites to propagandize, it can increase the number of the customers. So some websites use the propaganda devices is a good option. However, some website use the propaganda devices will make the audience and the visitors feel boredom. For example, some shopping website, there some adversities and some links said their products are best, it will cause the audience feel bored.

I think the propaganda devices were suit for some websites. Some website of the governments, the government will propagandize some policies, then they use the propaganda devices are useful and worthy. Meanwhile, some websites’ purpose are propagandize some people, so these website need do some propaganda devices. However, I do not recommend some products website use much propaganda devices, because it will cause audience feel bored.


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