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Comparison of Search Methods

We use the three methods to find the source in this unit, the three methods are very good, but all of the method all has the pros and cons. The most common method we used is using Google to search the key word directly. We first select several key words from our topic, then we input the key word in Google, we can obtain some website that we want. The one of pros of this method is large sources we can obtain. The sources were listed by the matching degree, maybe we can get the wonderful source. However, the sources were not listed by time, so maybe some sources which list front were post several years ago. Meanwhile, although we get some useful information, we also get some information not useful.

JSTOR is another method, we input the key words in the JSTOR. And we can input several key words and use the transition words to connect. And we can get some academic information about the research. The sources would be books, articles, pamphlets, and other forms. The sources are all scholarly sources, and the sources are very useful. However, in the result of the search, only a book or article contains the key words, it can be a source in a result. So I think it is very difficult to find a source you very like.

Academic search method is finding the academic sources directly. We need to find a book or an article about our topic. But it is very different a book or article that matches our topic very much. We can find in the internet or the library. But I think this method is not convenient for us to find the source. This is suit for some professional people to write the professional article.

I recommend the JSTOR to other students. The pros of this method are that we can find the creditable sources. Because using this method, we can find the articles and books, these all were published, so it is very credibility. In my essay, I write the examination systems of the China and America, I just put the examination and two countries, and we got several results. In these results, I think two books contain some information are useful. However, using this method you cannot input lots of key words, because if the lots of several key words will cause the no useful results. And finding the resources which are very match our resource will  cost our lots of time.


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