Links in Trees Linked with Human Health

The blog of “Trees Linked with Human Health” tell us the importance of the trees. In the research, people experienced more deaths from heart disease and respiratory disease when they lived in areas where trees had disappeared. So, the blog suggests that we need protect the trees and create a healthy living environment. The blog’s topic is the health, and this issue that let huge people attention. In this blog, there are some links, and I think most of them all very useful for the purpose of the blog. In the end of the first paragraph, there is a link links to an academic article. The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph, and the author introduces the relationship of the trees and human health. The author links an academic article, and it can increase validity of the blog. Some people after read the academic article, they will believe the blog, and this link is effective for the purpose of the blog. And in the third paragraph, the author links another blog which has the same topic. The readers can compare two blogs, and this link also can increase the reliability of the blog. At the last several paragraph, the author links the other blog about how nature make people feel more alive, this blog can help people pay attention on the health and make them realize that protecting the nature is very important, this is effective for the purpose of the blog. Meanwhile, at the end of the paragraphs, the author uses the two short paragraphs to introduce another article which topic is about the nature. These two paragraphs are the extended reading, and the author sets the link, in order to make people know more information about the nature and the human health. This link is effective for the purpose. Above all, the most of the links are effective for the purpose of the blog.


Media in ISA

The Study Abroad Student Blog is a platform for lots of students, who study abroad, share their experience abroad. The student’s families can know their children’s lives abroad from blogs, and other students can know more information about studying abroad and select a suitable country to study. Meanwhile, lots of vivid blogs were post on the website can attract more student to visit, and show the audience different culture in different countries. I think the media feature was used in the blogs widely, but some of them are ineffective and some of them are effective. In the blogs in Rome category were posted by Julie Bourne, in one blog, “School in Rome vs. School in Denver: 5 difference”, the Julie talked about the difference between Rome and Denver’s schools. The author just posts a picture about the Rome school, and no other pictures about Roman school and Denver School. So the audiences only read the content, then they know the difference in schools between two cities. So I think post only one photo is not effective, the author need post more photos about two schools, then the audience can know the difference. If some people do not like read more word, they will not know the overall information through photos in blog, because the photo can help the audience know the content directly. Then other students maybe do not have interesting in Rome, and these blogs cannot attract other students to study in Rome. In some other blogs, the author all just posts one picture, and I think some of them are ineffective. However, the media of video, I think it is effective in blogs. In blog of “A Final Stroll Around Rome”, this is the last day of Julie study in Rome. Julie posts a video on blog, and this video was shot by herself. The topic of this blog is some memory in Rome, and the name of video is “What Will I Miss Most About Rome”; the name of the video matches the topic of blog. The video records some aspects of life in Rome, such as the scenes of streets, the buildings in Rome, and local food. All lens were not cured, they are reflect the real life in Rome. Julie’s family and friends can know her experience from the video. And other students cannot look the Rome and know the culture of Rome from Julie’s view. And they can know some information about Rome directly, and may be they were attracted by this video, and they determine to study in Rome. So I think the video in blogs is effective.