Comparative Education Seminar

The post of “Comparative Education Seminar” was published in the WordPress blog. The post talks about that 28 Chinese and American students talk about the difference of the educations between the China and the America. The main topic of the discussion is that why Chinese students tend to study math and science over other subjects, and why there have been so many “math genius” Chinese students. They found that the Chinese students just practice a lot for every science subjects. In the contrast, American students who tend to go with subjects and learning methods that are enjoyable and interesting dislike repetitive and mechanical practices. The “About us” page shows that the blog was created to fill a void felt by numerous UNC students as the University’s first academically driven student organization. The about us page tells us that the most of the posts in the blog were written by the Chinese and the Chinese-American students organization in UNC. And the posts talk about the Chinese students American and the Chinese-American students. The about us page also lists the authors’ name. However, the authors did not post some pictures and the photos, so we cannot look the authors from the photos. The authors use the formal language to write the about us page, so this is a good blog. The authors use the links on the about us page, they link some posts on the about us page. Chinese students UK Chinese Science education in Chinese


Propaganda Devices

I think that the propaganda devices were used in the website and the blogs. And some website administrators and the bloggers use lots of the propaganda devices, in order to attract the visitor to visit the website or achieve their purpose. For those propaganda devices, some of them are good, but some of them are also bad. Some websites want to propagandize their products and the contents of the websites, so they use some propaganda devices, like quoting some sentence from the famous persons in order to make the audience to believe the products and contents of the websites, and setting some pictures to make the audience associate. These methods can help the websites to propagandize, it can increase the number of the customers. So some websites use the propaganda devices is a good option. However, some website use the propaganda devices will make the audience and the visitors feel boredom. For example, some shopping website, there some adversities and some links said their products are best, it will cause the audience feel bored.

I think the propaganda devices were suit for some websites. Some website of the governments, the government will propagandize some policies, then they use the propaganda devices are useful and worthy. Meanwhile, some websites’ purpose are propagandize some people, so these website need do some propaganda devices. However, I do not recommend some products website use much propaganda devices, because it will cause audience feel bored.

Comparison of Search Methods

We use the three methods to find the source in this unit, the three methods are very good, but all of the method all has the pros and cons. The most common method we used is using Google to search the key word directly. We first select several key words from our topic, then we input the key word in Google, we can obtain some website that we want. The one of pros of this method is large sources we can obtain. The sources were listed by the matching degree, maybe we can get the wonderful source. However, the sources were not listed by time, so maybe some sources which list front were post several years ago. Meanwhile, although we get some useful information, we also get some information not useful.

JSTOR is another method, we input the key words in the JSTOR. And we can input several key words and use the transition words to connect. And we can get some academic information about the research. The sources would be books, articles, pamphlets, and other forms. The sources are all scholarly sources, and the sources are very useful. However, in the result of the search, only a book or article contains the key words, it can be a source in a result. So I think it is very difficult to find a source you very like.

Academic search method is finding the academic sources directly. We need to find a book or an article about our topic. But it is very different a book or article that matches our topic very much. We can find in the internet or the library. But I think this method is not convenient for us to find the source. This is suit for some professional people to write the professional article.

I recommend the JSTOR to other students. The pros of this method are that we can find the creditable sources. Because using this method, we can find the articles and books, these all were published, so it is very credibility. In my essay, I write the examination systems of the China and America, I just put the examination and two countries, and we got several results. In these results, I think two books contain some information are useful. However, using this method you cannot input lots of key words, because if the lots of several key words will cause the no useful results. And finding the resources which are very match our resource will  cost our lots of time.

Different College Entrance Examination between China and America

I find a source from the Internet, this is a post in a China blog, but the language is English. The title of the post is Different College Entrance Examination between China and America. The author of this post is a Chinese student who studies in America. The audiences are the all people who read the blog. In the all audiences, some kinds of audiences most pay attention on the post. One is the Chinese students who are decide to study in America, they watch the post and know the difference examination system in both countries, and they can start to prepare to study abroad. Another kind of audiences are some American students who are interested in the Chinese education culture, and they can look the post to know some information.

The purpose of the post is introducing the both countries’ examination and different college entrance examination policy. The audiences can know some differences between China and western countries according to knowing the differences of the two entrance examination types. And they can know more different culture, absorbing more essence of other culture. The author introduce the SAT and Gaokao (China Entrance Examination) to make the audience know the difference.

In the post, the audience thinks that the importance of the Entrance Examination are different in two countries, and both countries have the their own education concept and examination content. In China, the student learn in school are for examination. In other words, examination leads teaching, teaching is passive, and students are passive. But in America, students are active, and it is teaching that leads examination. The author takes an example to illustrate the points. In China, the College Entrance Examination is only chance for student to enter into universities. And only once per year, in my home town, 500 thousand students take the college exam, but only 50 thousand students can enter into the universities. So Gaokao is very important for students. However, in America, the students can take College Entrance Examination SAT several times in a year. And some students do not take SAT and also can enter into universities. So the SAT is not very important for American students.

I think the author achieve his purpose, because the Chinese read the post they can decide to study in China or in America, if they decide to study in America, they can prepare the SAT at once. And the American students read the post they can know the real China College Entrance Exam. And I think this is a good source. I am a Chinese students, and I know the China Entrance Examination. And I study in America at the present, and I took the SAT. So I know the contents in the post are accuracy. So, I think this is a good resource.

The address of the blog is


Works Cited

Qing, Candy. “Different College Entrance Examination between China and America.” sina blog. Ed. Candy Qing. Fri. 17 Sept. 2013.


Links in Trees Linked with Human Health

The blog of “Trees Linked with Human Health” tell us the importance of the trees. In the research, people experienced more deaths from heart disease and respiratory disease when they lived in areas where trees had disappeared. So, the blog suggests that we need protect the trees and create a healthy living environment. The blog’s topic is the health, and this issue that let huge people attention. In this blog, there are some links, and I think most of them all very useful for the purpose of the blog. In the end of the first paragraph, there is a link links to an academic article. The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph, and the author introduces the relationship of the trees and human health. The author links an academic article, and it can increase validity of the blog. Some people after read the academic article, they will believe the blog, and this link is effective for the purpose of the blog. And in the third paragraph, the author links another blog which has the same topic. The readers can compare two blogs, and this link also can increase the reliability of the blog. At the last several paragraph, the author links the other blog about how nature make people feel more alive, this blog can help people pay attention on the health and make them realize that protecting the nature is very important, this is effective for the purpose of the blog. Meanwhile, at the end of the paragraphs, the author uses the two short paragraphs to introduce another article which topic is about the nature. These two paragraphs are the extended reading, and the author sets the link, in order to make people know more information about the nature and the human health. This link is effective for the purpose. Above all, the most of the links are effective for the purpose of the blog.

Media in ISA

The Study Abroad Student Blog is a platform for lots of students, who study abroad, share their experience abroad. The student’s families can know their children’s lives abroad from blogs, and other students can know more information about studying abroad and select a suitable country to study. Meanwhile, lots of vivid blogs were post on the website can attract more student to visit, and show the audience different culture in different countries. I think the media feature was used in the blogs widely, but some of them are ineffective and some of them are effective. In the blogs in Rome category were posted by Julie Bourne, in one blog, “School in Rome vs. School in Denver: 5 difference”, the Julie talked about the difference between Rome and Denver’s schools. The author just posts a picture about the Rome school, and no other pictures about Roman school and Denver School. So the audiences only read the content, then they know the difference in schools between two cities. So I think post only one photo is not effective, the author need post more photos about two schools, then the audience can know the difference. If some people do not like read more word, they will not know the overall information through photos in blog, because the photo can help the audience know the content directly. Then other students maybe do not have interesting in Rome, and these blogs cannot attract other students to study in Rome. In some other blogs, the author all just posts one picture, and I think some of them are ineffective. However, the media of video, I think it is effective in blogs. In blog of “A Final Stroll Around Rome”, this is the last day of Julie study in Rome. Julie posts a video on blog, and this video was shot by herself. The topic of this blog is some memory in Rome, and the name of video is “What Will I Miss Most About Rome”; the name of the video matches the topic of blog. The video records some aspects of life in Rome, such as the scenes of streets, the buildings in Rome, and local food. All lens were not cured, they are reflect the real life in Rome. Julie’s family and friends can know her experience from the video. And other students cannot look the Rome and know the culture of Rome from Julie’s view. And they can know some information about Rome directly, and may be they were attracted by this video, and they determine to study in Rome. So I think the video in blogs is effective.